interim       in.terim

in.wendt offers management and consulting in the fields of strategy, leadership, marketing and communication, business development and rehabilitation.

in.wendt provides temporary management capacities and know-how through international experience and networking in order to implement optimal business processes.

Our aim is to provide a qualitative transfer of know-how allowing the customers to run their organisation successfully through the means of operating sustainable and efficient at the same time.

Possible Challenges may be: changes in the strategy and further related adaptation processes, changes in company organization, as well as corporate restructuring and crisis management.




The philosophy of mutual entrepreneurial success includes the participation of in.wendt in start-up companies and environmental technology projects in the middle class sector.

Optionally, in.wendt offers companies the possibilities to take on a share of ownership rather than asking for a compensation of consulting services, to extend the participation in the customer company. This ensures a synergised desire for success between founders and stakeholders and the alignment of mutual goals. In that sense we aim to be recognised as showing true commitment towards the success of the company through advisory activity also against VC donors.



international        in.ternational

in.wendt accompanies German companies at the market entry into foreign markets. Similarly in.wendt supports foreign companies in their entry into the German market.

Thanks to a strong worldwide network of chambers, associations and partners, in.wendt proves to be a flexible and resourceful associate.



German-Mongolian Cooperation

in.wendt supports economic cooperation between the two countries with the aim of improving the living and environmental conditions in Mongolia, further enabling companies in both countries to market their products at high-quality and sustainable standards.



in.wendt is not limited to consulting, but rather strengthens companies and their management as well as employees through coaching and training courses. This may include the support of personnel at change management processes and professional schooling on environmental technology projects.

The work by in.wendt has a lasting effect in terms of improving the environmental conditions and efficiency, but above all it serves the medium-term advisory independence of the customers.

in.wendt believes in a partnership-based and reciprocal cooperation. Through employee training and the fair and open exchange of information, the customer is to remain part of a sustainable economic world.

Thus, the work of in.wendt is aimed at helping the customers to create new employment and to generate a larger share of the added value themselves. This then supports the philosophy of the sustainable intend in the light of family-run economies.